Waldorf inspired doll" Stip""


Look who we found in the garden enjoying the winter sun ..... Yes, dear "Stip" came to visit and would like to find a fun forever home ......                                                                        Stip loves being outdoors and today she is pretending to be a mushroom in her mushroom print dungarees( which are lined with red dotted cotton fabric and could be worn that way up too... ) and a pocket to put some small treasures in.. her handknitted mushroom hat is truly her favourite and even wants to wear it in the summer ! For now she wears a cotton handknitted T-shirt underneath and undies, socks and crocheted shoes finishes her outfit.                                                                                                         "Stip' measures 35 cm tall and her mohair hair can be styled in any way... She sports a belly button and has a indicated bottom too .. Filled firmly with clean NZ wool she feels warm and "lively" to the touch...

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