About Us

Welcome to Spindlewood and thank you for visiting my website. Here you can find handcrafted Steiner inspired dolls and accessories, seasonal products, doll making and natural craft materials. I also offer doll making and needle felting workshops.

About myself:
My name is Marjan Glamuzina and I have been involved with the world of children for a long time now.

I grew up and qualified in early childhood in Holland. As a child I remember my mother’s hands were always busy, she sewed, knitted and often would sit with me crafting things like acorn people after a walk in the nearby forest. I had two left hands though and the handwork lessons at school were a bit of a disaster! I rather played with my baby doll… This changed when hand knitted jerseys came into fashion and of course as a 18 year old my motivation was high. And so I discovered the joy of creating… Later after I followed my heart to NZ my love for wool and the feel of natural materials really started to flourish and I learned to weave, spin, dye and felt and wherever I went my knitting needles would go too.

When my children went to the CHCH Rudolf Steiner School I became involved with doll making and for years we came together as a group to make dolls for the annual fairs. As demand was increasing space was made in the local organic shop and only a few years later I decided to follow my dream and left the Kindergarten world to start “Spindlewood” a shop with natural toys, art and craft materials and where I also offered doll making workshops. During these 12 years I have felt privileged to be able to introduce wholesome toys to families, enjoyed the inspiring conversations and above all the loving “spirit” of giving and receiving as our logo depicts…

The February Earthquake in 2011 put a stop to this and change was required, but the doll making continued. Only this time for little ones that had lost their best friend and could not settle without it. In the midst of all the chaos my hands were still creating… a new pathway started to shine and now a year later I am very happy to offer you these lovingly made creations and hope that they will bring joy, love and light to the ones that will receive them….

About the dolls:
Simple handcrafted dolls have been made throughout the ages as it is an inherent need for the child to have a doll to love and care for…

Steiner inspired or also known as Waldorf dolls are so called as Rudolf Steiner spoke often of the importance of a doll, its features and form as the doll is a reflection of our selves. Hence dolls made following the indications of Steiner were warmly embraced in the Waldorf or Steiner Kindergartens.

When a child plays with a doll it is more than wanting to imitate as the child embraces the doll with its own soul and so expressing her own inner self. Hence one will often choose or make a doll with the same colouring as the child one has in mind.

The simple and neutral facial expression of Steiner inspired dolls will enable the child to imagine whether the doll is awake ,asleep, happy or sad. It allows for creative imagination and the child will bring the doll to life entrusting it with her dreams or fears.

I have lovingly handcrafted all of the dolls unless otherwise stated. They are made from natural, new materials to enhance the sensory experience e.g. cotton, wool or silk. The outer “skin” is made from high quality cotton-knit sourced in Europe and the body is filled firmly with 100% NZ wool. Therefore they have a nice weight, feel warm to the touch and giving the doll its “life” like quality. The hair is made of 100% wool yarn chosen for its softness and durability as well as mohair. The hair can be combed with the fingers or soft brush.

The dolls all become individuals and not one is ever the same and this creative, mindful process always inspires me.

When a doll goes on its journey to a new home I wrap her warmly with a wish that he or she may become a special friend and warm the heart of the one who will receive it…
With love, Marjan

Care of dolls:
Dolls will be played with and inevitably with time will carry the marks of lots of hugs, hairdressers mishaps or messy tea parties… I suggest you try to surface wash the doll gently first with a damp soft cloth and a little soft soap..

If the doll is very soiled you can wash the doll in a washing machine on a lukewarm wool wash and short spinning cycle, only use soap that is suitable for wool. (If the water is too hot it will felt the wool) Dry the doll by wrapping it in a towel and place it in warm room to air dry. This might take a few days… If the doll looks somewhat out of shape squeeze the limbs and or body gently and pull it back into shape before leaving it to dry. (Please do not let the child see the doll in the machine as it can be unsettling for some little ones).

Doll hospital:
I offer a free repair service when the doll you have purchased from me needs attention. However the customer pays for the postage costs.