Waldorf/Steiner doll : " Lavanda"

What a surprise to find one day "Lavanda" sitting on my desk... She was asking me if I did not mind if she sheltered there from the rain as otherwise the fairiedust on her wings would wash away and then she could not fly and go home.... As I am so pleased she is staying a little longer I will tell you more about her...... She is wearing a 100% wool felt dress which is hand embroidered and features sparkling sequins, pink cotton bloomers and undies underneath..Her crocheted leaf collar is detachable and is secured with ties... Her felt hat with a crocheted edging als is removable and her sweet crocheted shoes of which her laces are finished with tiny crocheted leaves completes her out fit... but for the wings!! These are made from wool felt also and embroidered inclusive little sparkling sequins that will catch the sunrays....As. her wings can also come off 'Lavanda" can be transformed also into a girl as her mohair hair can be styled in any which way too...  "Lavanda" s features are needlefelted and her body firmly filled with 100% clean NZ wool. She measures close to 40 cm tall and would make a lovely companion and friend....  " Not suitable for children under the age of three "

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