Waldorf inspired doll: "Bubble""

Bubbles of soft laughter and joy ring forth when "Bubble" is near... She is just one of those girls that makes friends easily and readily and with her understanding sensitive heart she just lifts everyones heart. Bubble is wearing her favourite colours today with a handknitted pastel coloured wool dress ( Yes, with little knitted "bubbles" in the border) and a cotton T-shirt underneath. Over her pink undies she has put on cotton laced trim bloomers and crocheted shoes and straw hat makes her outfit complete. Bubbles is 36 cm tall and has a formed body with a belly button and a little bum. Filled with clean NZ wool she feels cuddly and warm to the touch. She can move her limbs freely and sit with ease. Her mohair hair can be styled in any which way and can be brushed with a soft brush...Bubble would love and is looking for a best friend to share things with....

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