Delphi, a sculpted Waldorf / Steiner inspired doll

Delphi is a gorgeous vivacious 45 cm tall girl who likes to live life to its full and always looking for exciting things to get into even when its a little tricky!  She can,t be bothered combing her unruly mohair hair and her beaded hairband is enough for her to keep hair at bay.. Today she has to go out into town and wears a dress with (thank goodness) a pocket in case she finds a treasure on the way.. With a pair of cotton undies and lace edged bloomers she is ready to go on her way once she puts on her favourite rainbow coloured cotton crocheted shoes.. Delphi's face has been handsculpted  with wool , she has a belly button and a formed bottom. Delphi's wool hair can be finger combed and styled in any which way...She is suitable for a child 6 years and over.. Delphi would like to find a best friend to share exciting adventures with......

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