waldorf inspired formed dolls

"Blossom" a traditional Waldorf , Steiner inspired doll


Sweet Blossom is dreaming of Spring.... Nature outside has awakened and the garden shows now lashes of soft hues as the first blooms are out..  "Blossom" could not help herself to gather a little bouquet of flowers she found in the garden....

Blossom is a sweet 45 cm tall girl who wears undies, a cotton shirt and bloomers and a handknitted mohair pinafore  ( mmm, so soft..) and cotton knitted shoes..  Her mohair hair is a brushed cap with fixed pigtails and she wears her favourite knitted headdband with crocheted flowers to keep her hair out of her face..  ( all clothing is removeable ) Blossoms body is stuffed firmly with clean nz wool and she has a belly button and a formed  bottom.. 

Blossom is suitable for children 3 years and over.and would make a sweet and loveable friend....

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